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TTSept is a keratolytic aqueous solution that allows you to quickly clean rough skin and nails.

TTSept is a triple-action end product: emollient, cleansing and protective.

In contact with the skin, it turns into an active foam, thanks to which it stays on the surface of the skin, is easy to use, does not clog the cutting mechanisms during operation.

This lowers the surface tension of the water, allowing the substance to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.


VAT Included
    • softens and intensifies the effects on corns and thickenings,
    • facilitates and speeds up procedures, pedicures and manicures,
    • the active foam penetrates deep into the cornea, making it easier to remove,
    • it is effective and efficient,
    • protects against bacteria,
    • neutralizes unpleasant odors,
    • does not dry the skin.
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