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Medical institution code: 001000023   

The Academy of Podiatry currently OFFERS:

Certified Podiatrist services
Therapeutic foot care
Medical hand care
Aesthetic podiatry services

Home visits

We offer podiatrist services for patients of different ages.

In our large academy it is possible to conduct various types of training in groups of up to 10 students in a fully equipped study room.

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About the Academy

The aim of the Academy of Podiatry is to unite all the Specialists involved in the work of the Podiatrist in one place. As well as to give an opportunity to educate and raise one's qualification in the training courses and seminars of the Academy of Podology. Find an opportunity to attract foreign specialists to share experience.

Our study room is able to provide a quality learning process for up to 10 students. New and modern equipment with the latest available equipment, the highest quality materials.

The lecture hall is able to provide quality lectures for up to 20 students.

The hall can be used for seminars, meetings, interest education groups, product presentations and much more.

The Academy of Podiatry is a place where the best representatives of the Podiatry profession and Teachers in Latvia are available. A place where there are the best students in Latvia.

To make an appointment, click on the picture of the Podiatrist of Your choice

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