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It is recommended as part of a podiatrist's prescribed treatment for skin and nail irritation and inflammation. This product gently cleanses, softens and frees the epidermis from dead cells, soothes irritations and perfectly refreshes the skin of the feet. This prevents the infection from spreading and stops the growth and survival of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Podiatric bath salt can be used for washing and disinfecting socks and shoes.


VAT Included
  • In a foot bath or large container, pour 2-3 cups of bath salt in warm water. Stir thoroughly to foam the active cleaning foam. Soak your feet for 5-8 minutes. No need to rinse. Simply dry your feet and apply the recommended skin care products. For washing socks and shoes - before soaking, wash them and then soak for at least 5 minutes, rinse under cold running water until they are no longer soapy.

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