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ORGANIC oil for skin renewal.

 Everyone should have this oil in their home.
  This oil is unique and solves a whole range of different problems related to nails and skin.
 If used regularly, the effect will not make you wait long!
 Oil properties and composition:
 MONARDA oil - fights against bacterial and fungal microflora, strengthens the nail plate, gently cares for the cuticle.  Helps with problems such as fungal infection, onycholysis, herpes virus.
 Strutenes extract - has strong antiviral properties and slows cuticle growth.
 Vitamin A and E smooth and nourish the skin, strengthen the nail plate.
  Chamomile extract - local natural antibiotic - anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
 Molecular chaperone - used to enhance and accelerate the effect of biologically active elements of other cosmetics, due to this unique component, all the above products will penetrate the skin very quickly and improve the effectiveness of the oil._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_
 With organic oil:
 You will save the customer money and time.

It helps : 
 -from onycholysis
 -from nail and skin fungi
 -from cracks
 -from eczema
 -from herpes virus 
 -and it can also be used in everyday life as a "savior" - to heal wounds, cuts and even acne. 
 Healing happens very quickly, literally in a day / two. 
 Completely natural composition!

oil Organic SMART oil formula FORTE 30 ml

€40.00 Regular Price
€30.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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